June 18, 2021 Update: AC and Dining Room

Dear Pacha patrons,

you must be wondering why we have not had a proper (or grand) re-opening. We also have been waiting! The true story is our landlords just replaced our 23-year-old air conditioners, but we are having great difficulties making things work with the new installation. Even for delivery and takeout alone, as Pacha has been running, we face hazardous conditions in our kitchen now that summer is on us. Our landlords have been working with their contractor to ameliorate things, but we continue to have difficulties day to day. We are so sorry that we have often had to shut down our kitchen at short notice due to the heat. For now we have some additional portable units helping, and staff has valiantly been soldiering on. Thank you for your understanding. We are going to feature our amazing quiche this weekend at an unbeatable price, to keep the pressure down on the stove during the heat. Yes you can still get your favourite signature pancakes, and of course your organic cappuccinos and lattés, but why not a slice of our flaky, buttery crust quiche in our popular flavor combinations, for a mere $4.99? — or make it a special with a fruit bowl and mimosa for $9.99. It’s a hot deal to keep us cool!

Happy first Juneteenth! And don’t forget Father’s Day mimosas …

Marjorie & David and Natalie

November 9, 2020 Update

Ladies and Gentlemen … Pacha Noche!  

Starting Monday, we shall be open for pickup after work or school on weeknights, from 5-8:00, with a sustainable menu for a hassle-free sustaining dinner for you and your family to enjoy when you get home! Complete with a carafe of wine made from organically grown grapes, or a bottle of organic Yorkshire ale! Introducing Pacha chili (with local, 100% grass-fed organic beef from Ross Farm in Granger, or hearty vegetarian), and Ernesto’s pulled pork dinner tacos (made with a roast from Richardson Farms in Rockdale)! And as always, our signature Pacha filled pancakes, with some new savoury options. Pacha pancakes for dinner—you better believe it! Check out the menu as it grows, and give your evenings a head start this Fall—starting Monday!!!

October 5, 2020 Update

Tuesdays are back, from 8am – 2pm!

September 23, 2020 Update

Pacha re-opens Today!

Now then. Hear ye! Yes you. Some good news for once! Pacha will re-open Wednesday September 23 at 8am!

At last.

This is made possible by the City of Austin which granted us a sum of money this August to help us survive in the midst of the restrictions due to COVID19. We’ve paid off some debt, and have a cushion to survive a couple of months of losses. We are very grateful that Austin chose to distribute some of its CARES act funds to independent small businesses like Pacha. May the city continue to imagine and subsidise a life after COVID-19, where your trusted local places have survived.

Deepest thanks are especially in order to all the people who donated and bought gift certificates! You know who you are. We managed to survive, and even hope, these last couple of months during our closure, because of your generosity and the genuine warmth of your wishes. Bless you! Then the City came through.

We will be sadly saying goodbye to our stalwart Freejay MacCloud (#mensch) who has been managing Pacha for us since January 2019, through these most difficult times. He made his decision to move from Austin just before the city approved Pacha’s grant in late August. He will be missed! We are grateful for all of his efforts, diligence and general love for Pacha, its mission, staff and customers. His intrepid assistant manager, Natalie Bautista, will be taking a promotion and jumping into the fire to re-open Pacha. Please understand, that will mean a slow rollout, a bit of a rebuilding year in the league.

There is some fine print…

  • We shall be following the Good Work Austin restaurant guidelines, beyond Texas Dept. of State Health Services Minimum Standard Health Protocols (see details here).
  • We shall initially be open Wednesday through Sunday from 8am – 2pm (closed Mondays and Tuesdays).
  • September 23-25 we shall offer freshly made quiches, cookies, empanadas, pre-made breakfast tacos and our entire drink menu.
  • Our kitchen will begin cooking to order Saturday September 26 with a pared-down menu. We will slowly add items as we are able. Please let us know what favorite thing you’ve been missing and we’ll take it under advisement!
  • We will begin with curb-side pickup only, with ordering through our Square Store (link here). Outside dining still poses some challenges for us since we are somewhat short-staffed. We will evaluate adding on-premise dining after we conquer the immediate challenges.
  • We shall be adjusting our prices upward by 18% in lieu of tipping (Square’s limitations did not allow us to simply tack on a surcharge). We at Pacha have never used ‘tipped wages’ in any case, a legacy of the post-slavery era. We have always paid a fair, hourly wage, and continue to provide paid sick leave and support of health in general during this pandemic. The extra income will help allow all Pacha’s staff to earn a minimum of $15/hour.
  • We will be rolling out some ways for our devoted patrons to help sustain us through these times, so please check out our online store and email offers to come.

Austin’s only Pacha Latté is back, baby!