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We are committed to providing you with high quality food and the best selection of tasty dishes we can produce out of our tiny but productive kitchen.

Ninety percent of all ingredients we use are organic. This includes our fair trade coffee and teas. Our milks, half-and-half, buttermilk and cream are also organic and come from happy grass-fed cows. We do not buy our milk from just any “organic” dairy but from County Line, produced by cows pastured in Texas—more expensive than others but better for your health as well as the health of the herds. Our Bulgarian yoghurt is from White Mountain, organic and local. Our non-dairy “milk” choices are also organic. Our chocolate is organic and fair trade, and our chocolate chips are fair trade. This is very important to us, as many other chocolates (with familiar brand names) are produced with slave or child labor.

Grains used in our pastries, focaccia and pancakes are unbleached, organic and GMO-free. All our fruit, fresh and frozen, and all our vegetables (except tomatillos) are also organic. Comfort food and drink, healthily made!

In keeping with our commitment to the planet and our customers, we purchase many products from local farmers and ranchers who supply us with free range chickens, organic meats from humanely raised cattle that are 100% grass fed, fresh organic eggs from hens pastured locally (Jeremiah Cunningham’s), and many organic or sustainably grown seasonal fruits and vegetables. One of the joys of our vocation comes in chatting with these farmer-vendors and facing the vagaries of nature together.

We feel that those whose passion it is to supply wholesome foods to their community and toil in the fields in order to bring us these products should be compensated for their labor. And though prices are rising we shall still purchase their fine products in order to bring healthy ingredients to your plate. And while we cannot offer our employees traditional benefits—for some reason, despite all the political talk, the cards seem to be stacked against the success of small businesses — we are determined to pay our employees a decent wage, and are proud to have increased the size of our crew during a recession.

We thank you for your patronage and look forward to many years ahead serving you some of the tastiest foods that are made from scratch in Austin.

The Original Pache Cafe HouseA Brief History

The building which houses Café Pacha was a podiatrist’s office for 28 years. After much interior remodeling and a festive paint job, Pacha opened its doors on March 9, 2000. The proprietress, Julie Schroeder, ran the store and her sister, Suzanne, originally helped with bookkeeping.

Julie had spent a year living and working in Bolivia and her inspiration was to import the beautiful handicrafts from the Andean countries and to offer some authentic South American foods, such as salteñas and empanadas along with coffees and teas. Pacha offered a variety of coffee drinks and snacks and the store was stocked with handicrafts for sale from Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. (This is Suzanne painting one of our tables.)

Julie SchroederAfter a year, Julie married Laurent Fouillet, the charming and witty Frenchman responsible for Pacha’s house-made specialties. Although the South American art was enjoyed by the customers, clearly the delicious food was outselling the merchandise. Little by little, more tables were added and Pacha became a café.

In July of 2008, little baby Elliot was born and Julie & Laurent decided to sell the business. In December, the new owners, Marjorie Boulden and A. P. David (‘David’), Mother Pacha Inc., picked up the Pacha torch for all our wonderful staff and customers.

About Marjorie, David, and the New Team

Marjorie is an electrical engineer who prefers managing and cooking for Pacha to sitting in a cubicle cleaning up other engineers’ microchip designs, no matter how good she is at it, nor how many figures they are willing to pay her. Pleasing palates with her pies and quiche and pancakes brings true satisfaction! So does running a happy ship. She and David dropped out of high school together in Hawaii, a year after the then ‘Barry’ Obama graduated from the same place—but they didn’t reconnect for over 25 years. They each have two children by first marriages. Mother Pacha, Inc., was founded in late 2008.

David is a scholar of ancient Greek, whose theories, especially about Homer, are too controversial for him to be hired in an American Classics department. (Couldn’t make this stuff up, folks.) His book was published by Oxford, and he maintains a supporting website at danceofthemuses.info. He has also published novels, poetry and a scholarly monograph on the mathematics of Plato.

A serious turn in David’s health has led the two of them to step back from the daily running of Pacha, and to seek renewal living in Sri Lanka. But the spirit of Pacha lives on! In 2019, we are proud to say Freejay, already our kitchen manager, became our new General Manager! He has now passed the reins on to Natalie having helped us navigate the COVID19 crisis. The team is buoyant about new ideas and opportunities, while Marjorie and David cheer them on. They are only as far away as a phone call, an e-mail or a text. The spirit of our little place has gone global! Pacha Mama was already there … come sustain yourself on our food and our independent spirit!