July 29, 2020 update

Pacha remains temporarily closed…

Dear Pacha Community,

unfortunately every hope we had entertained six weeks ago, of being able to open again safely along with the schools and most of Austin, has been cheated. In frustration we must let you know that it is inadvisable for us to reopen for August. We are looking into ways to make our kitchen useful to the community again, as we did during the initial lockdown. But our future at organic Pacha, and the future of independent restaurants in general, depends in the short term on the interest of the government and the people of the US in protecting our industry during this crisis. If some funding comes through in the coming weeks, our staff is ready to bring some cheer to those willing to pick up some wholesome brunch and pacha latté curbside. Maybe even mimosas. But the long term, independent future of all places like us, as well as those larger or smaller, will depend on conditions being safe enough, and citizens being trusting enough, to come inside and eat, drink, and talk story.

Marjorie & David