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Quality. Integrity. Fair Value.

At Café Pacha, we’re rightly proud of our vendors, for their quality, integrity and fair value. We haven’t raised our prices, but now we’re sourcing organic, sustainable and local ingredients.

Thanks for supporting local! We do it too!

  • Austin’s own Texas Coffee Traders roasts and supplies us superb organic and fair trade coffee beans, as well as our Mocafe organic, fair trade Dominican chocolate. Casa Brasil supplies us our medium roast; they source from small, independent family farms and cooperatives. Read up at their website!
  • Our Espresso comes from Cruiser Coffee & Tea.
  • All of our tea is from Zhi Tea, homegrown in Austin, Texas.
  • All our eggs come from a truly organic operation, Coyote Creek, right here in Austin. Jeremiah Cunningham’s pastured hens produce the best eggs anywhere!
  • Our milk comes from several organic sources. County Line Farms produces organic milk from grass-fed cows in Texas; we also buy Organic Valley milk and half-and-half, and Kalona buttermilk and cream from Iowa. Our supplier for these wondrous resources is our very own Natural Grocers on Guadalupe. They have become friends and we have become regulars, shopping there daily for all manner of organic produce and sundries. Our non-GMO organic flour  and whole wheat tortillas are made locally by Margarita’s and our organic corn tortillas are from MiRancho.
  • We shop the Austin Farmers’ Market for greens and seasonal Texas produce—always organic or sustainably grown. Among our vendors is the local Johnson’s Backyard Garden. We also get the organic Texas green stuff from Simmons Family Farms in Lockhart and Animal Farm out of Cat Spring. We get chickens and pasture-raised pork and beef cuts from the folks at Richardson Farms. All this stuff is as good as it gets in our fair land.
  • Our bacon comes from Pederson’s Natural Farms, our spicy breakfast sausage comes from Richardson Farms, and we source our 100% grass-fed organic ground beef from Betsy Ross’ Grass-fed Beef, whose pastures are in Granger, Texas.
  • We feature The Austin Honey Company, raw, delicious, expensive and very local.
  • We are members of the Wheatsville Co-Op, and we get organic fruits, vegetables, and anything else there that we need day to day.
  • We now make our organic empanadas and salteñas from scratch, but we get our tamales and organic, whole-milk, home-made yoghurt from White Mountain Foods—local. Our organic breakfast tacos are made in-house!
  • Our bagels come from Rockstar Bagels (from Austin via Queens—you’ve got to try these!). Our scones, muffins, tea breads and cookies are fully organic and made from scratch in the kitchen! Ah, that fresh-baked aroma … We also make our own gluten-free macaroons, cookies and fruit-and-nut drops.
  • We get a surprising number of quality organic essentials, including flour, oils, sugar and agave, maple syrup, frozen berries and recycled paper goods, from Costco. Don’t hold your nose! Even the flowers they sell are ethically grown. Their organic extra virgin olive oil was recently shown to be one of the only genuine ones on the market.
  • Just like you we shop at Central Market and HEB (mostly for organic bananas, but also other fruits and sundries as their organic quotient grows).
  • We bank at Texas Health Credit Union, up the road.